The Trap Guide With Psychic Type

Psychic Type

Ok, first off.... Who wants to know how to make a club shattering 808 Kick drum from scratch? Who wants to see a rising star trap producer create his track "Booty Had Me Like" (7M+ views on youtube) from scratch?


FRIENDS! It's time to get in the studio with rising Trap boss: PSYCHIC TYPE! He is most well known for his official remix for HARDWELL's hit song "APOLLO" and W&W's "THE CODE", both officially released on REVEALED RECORDINGS amidst a ton of other incredible original singles and remixes.  

THE TRAP GUIDE is the definitive guide to making trap; it shows you exactly how to make the correct musical decisions from the very beginning of making a song, all the way to completion.

THE TRAP GUIDE is real. We started rolling the cameras as he loaded up a completely blank Ableton session... He started out with a few select 808 drum samples and a raw vocal (supplied with the download) and began making a new song from scratch. You will see his all of his methods, teaching you to experiment with ideas instead of pondering what to do next... The mindset of venturing into the unknown and having the confidence to know that you will find gold in the end is the fabric that the world's best producers are cut from. He even makes a few "mistakes" along the way, and you will watch as he instantaneously corrects them to keep the flow going.

The end result of this studio session was his new hit song "Booty Had Me Like", totalling over 5 million views on youtube!

The DAW used was Ableton Live and the synth used for the sound design was NI Massive… However, you can apply almost all of the concepts learned here to any DAW or Software Synth...

Buy your copy of this incredible course and take your music to the next level today!