The Tom & Jame Mega Pack

Tom and Jame


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An exclusive house producer pack from Tom and Jame; Master producers with releases on Hexagon, Revealed, Spinnin, Future House Music, Heldeep, Wall and more.


this is big.


With a pack featuring over 1000 samples curated for cutting edge house music production,  BIG is an understatement. 


This pack consists of a sample pack and an extensive, completely mixed and mastered project file.


Like any 789ten release, this pack comes with a lot of quality content. 


The primary focus of this pack is the massive sample pack. Let's get into it...

100 x kicks : FAT, punchy, balanced, full of texture and detail. These kicks are pre-engineered by Tom and Jame and have been crafted over the course of many years. They are literally giving you a complete drag and drop solution for one of the most important sounds in our genre. Wouldn't you agree? 

40 x snares : hardhitting, versatile and filled with energy. The right frequencies are accentuated in these snares; a crucial part of snare sound design.  These snares are already layered with different sounds and textures and the styles of snares included are very diverse from tight trappy snares to the heavy and compressed. 

 60 x claps/clap loops : These loops already have details added such as timing the clap before or after the kick and the addition of ghost notes to instantly add groove once you drop these into your track. The foundation of house music is groove, Tom and Jame are masters at this. Dragging and dropping one of these loops can give your track the subtle shift in groove that it needs. It can be the difference between making people dance or clearing the floor completely. 

70 x percussion : Everything from low, beefy and synthetic to high punchy and tonal.  Fill in the gaps of your track when pulling from this folder of natural and manipulated percs. 

87 x bass shots : When you really need to bottom out, you'll reach for this library of bass shots ranging from smooth reese style basses to punchy melbourne to textural electro. 

30 x bass loops : Tom & Jame created a series of basslines that incorporate their signature feel. When you need a rock solid foundation for your track, you will find groove and weight in these loops that will inspire the next BIG idea.

80 x risers : when you're looking to reach climax, these risers will help you reach that overwhelming finish that'll have your crowd begging for more. For the most gratifying of highs, anticipation must be built. This eclectic library of risers from grooved punchy rising ryhthms to gritty extended sequences, these are ready to drop right into your track, dont be alarmed if your listeners say wow....that was HUGE..

50 x synth loops : diverse textures, vibes and melodic grooves executed with flawless sound design and different spaces that only masters of reverb can achieve. Take the loops and use them as is or borrow inspiration from their grooves and even sample a one shot piece to create your own. 

149 x synth shots :  Did you know that many top producers use synth one shots to write their leads. When you are trying to keep the flow going with your writing, nothing is better than having a sound library that you can drag and drop into a sampler without having to dial in synthesizer settings and processing. These synth shots span a wide range of styles and are incredibly well engineered. 

80 x midi loops :  Be inspired when you're facing producer-block or want inspiration on tap. 

45 x drum fills : Lets face it; if you dont play drums, fills can be very challenging to create. Fills are essential to break up your arrangements and get your listener prepared for the next moment. 

50 x fx & atmosphere : Perfect for setting the mood. Atmos sounds are essential if there is something missing from your mix. The difference between tracks that captivate and those that do not are ones that nail the overall atmosphere. These sounds although very dramatic when used directly can also be used very subtly in the background to fill space and draw your listener in. 

33 x snare buildups : create energy and build tension with these essential tools. Get your writing done faster when you're in the midst of a great idea.  

40 x vocal shots and loops : Tom & Jame's handpicked selection of vox samples from spoken phrases to chopped loops. 

30 x sweeps : short, sweet and straight to the point. these sweeps will compliment your track as you transition from section to section. 

10 chords : A small collection of piano chord loops and one shots to help get you inspired. These chords have a more emotional tone. 

20 impacts : With more thrust than your average, these rich and powerful impacts should be illegal.

30 cymbals : shakers, rides, tambs and hats; whether you like your cymbals open or closed, we dont judge. 


The Project File: 

A dynamic and multi-faceted ableton project with bass and lead synths that you can access and re-use fully. Tom & Jame have designed some amazing sounds using the instrument plug-ins Spire, Nexus and Serum and these individual tracks have been frozen with the midi still intact so that you can become inspired and create your own unique sounds building from a solid starting foundation. The project file is the source project for the song that you hear in the trailer video for this pack. 



Host DAW: Ableton Live 10.1.4 

All tracks are pre-frozen when you open the project so that if you are missing some plug-ins, everything will play as it should.  If you do have the plug-ins then unfreeze the track and take it from there!

Instrument plug-ins used: Xfer Serum, Refx Nexus, Reveal Sound Spire 

Processing plug-ins used: Kickstart, Izotope Trash 2, Valhallaroom, H-delay, Fab-filter 2, Waves TransX Multi, FabFilter Saturn, Waves RBass, XFER OTT, Cableguys Volumeshaper4, Izotope Ozone 5 Imager, CamelCrusher, A1 Stereocontrol, Focus One, CamelPhat, MAutoPitch, SoundShifter Pitch, FabFilter Pro-L, Fab-Filter Pro Q