The challenge: demonstrate creativity by producing a track with a small bundle of sounds.

The response: challenge accepted.

Bonus samples as used in the tutorial!

If you do not have Logic or preferred to access your sound a different way, the presets for the same sounds in the Logic channel strips have been archived for you here as presets for their respective synths (Serum, Sylenth, Massive, ES2).

At last, SWACQ delivers a house music masterclass. 

An inspiring 7 chapter course beautifully shot and recorded 1080P. Watch SWACQ go through the motions of creating a track from the ground up, spilling his secrets and empowering the viewer with production techniques that have earned him the attention of the industry's top DJ’s producers, labels, and curators. 

“Just want to show you guys how easy it is… With just a small amount of samples, a small number of synthesizers and actually just your voice, you can come to a really cool idea and you can create something which is already sounding good enough” - SWACQ

Some highlights from the tutorial: 

Total run time: 1 hour 44 minutes 53 seconds 

Of course, we had to hand over the goods… The project file form where SWACQ left off in the tutorial.  Whether you’re following along with the tutorial, dissecting layers, creating a template for future projects, or pulling apart the FX racks, this is a gold mine for any Logic user.  

One cymbal crash and all strings are not included. They can be obtained in the Apple Loops browser (free with logic) or the ESX 24 stock library: 

Logic channel strips for easily cycling through the sounds used in this pack.