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The Seth Hills Producer Pack

Seth Hills

A comprehensive house producer pack from Seth Hills; the STMPD Records prodigy.

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Product overview

As a producer at any skill level, you will learn so much by watching a pro like Seth Hills in the studio. It’s about observing how he works through the creative process and understanding how he thinks.  This pack has multiple components with many bonuses. The time is now; get this producer pack today!


A huge component of this offering featuring 11 kicks (6 new kicks + the kicks from Echo, Fire, Centipede and Whisper.....yes you read that correctly!)  5 x 808's, 6 x break claps, 5  x drop claps, 6 x fills,  12 x FX, 7 x hi hats, 12 x percussion Loops, 8 x percussion one-shots, 7 x risers, 12 x snares, 12 x synth shots.  

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
FillEDMHouse2 more...
808EDMHouse2 more...
TomEDMHouse2 more...
SnareEDMHouse2 more...
PercussionEDMHouse2 more...
KickEDMHouse2 more...


All Serum, all the time.

5th Bass: Hard-hitting leading bass that you hear in the trailer on the drop 

Attack Bass: Super fat and gritty bass with a lot of texture 

Saw Chords: A very useful saw preset that was designed by Seth using 2 voices and specific settings to the filter, a touch of widening, distortion, and heavy multi-band compression.

Saw Pluck: A simple pluck; it just sounds good.

Wob Bass: One word - FILTHY   

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5th Bass
BassSerumEDM1 more...
Attack Bass
BassSerumEDM1 more...
Saw Chords
SynthSerumEDM1 more...
Saw Pluck
PluckSerumEDM1 more...
Wob Bass
BassSerumEDM1 more...

Project File

Daw: Logic Pro X

Contains everything from the tutorial except a few sounds that came from other sample packs (the vocal and the lofi bell in the breakdown can be obtained very inexpensively from Splice) .

Project File Preview
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Seth's signature arts acoustic reverb presets to make your synths sound massive!

Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

Host DAW: Logic Pro X 

Main Plugins used: Arts Acoustic Reverb, Nicky Romero Kickstart, Waves CLA Vocal, Valhalla Room Reverb, Izotope Nectar, Kv331 Audio Synthmaster, Sample Magic Magic AB, FabFilter Pro Q 2, Cytomic The Glue, Waves SSL G Series Buss compressor, Izotope Ozone 7 Imager, Waves C4, FabFilter Pro MB

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools. 

All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.


Xfer Serum

Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

Join a community where you can chat with others and have a chance to interact with the artist

By purchasing the full pack you will get access to a private forum that allows you to engage in conversations about all that's included in this pack, learn additional tips and tricks, and get feedback on your own projects

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