The Noisecontrollers Producer Pack V1

Providing a strong foundation for producers of any skill level to launch themselves into the genre of Hardstyle.

The guys at the 789ten office were literally shocked at the quality sounds he gave away. This pack consists of 300+ samples used in past and upcoming Noisecontrollers releases.  You want signature Noisecontrollers kicks from the past and present, you'll get many in this pack!

Other incredible samples include: 

We hung out with Bas for a day, starting with his journey to the studio, all the way to the late hours of the night. We asked him questions about different tracks and kept the cameras rolling as he discussed a wide range of topics that came to mind. Step inside the mind of this hardstyle legend and enjoy these walkthroughs in HD video and audio. 

Through his mastery of Logic instruments and effects, Noisecontrollers walks us through the different types of processing on sounds he’s made using tools that are readily available to anyone. In this portion of the video Bas was in the early stages of writing what has now become his recent track People Are Awesome. You will also see a layer by layer walk through of the project file for the recent Noisecontrollers hit Headlights. Finally we get into a bonus hardstyle kick lesson starting with a basic 909 kick drum. Noisecontrollers uses techniques that he’s honed over years of meticulous craftsmanship, to build the character of the coveted hardstlye kick. 

BTS BONUS - The extra Interviews and cinematic pieces are raising the bar for all music production tutorials. We’re doing things differently, and hope that you enjoy the video!  

This pack comes with not one, not two, but three project files!

The Headlights Project File: That’s right… we are actually giving you the logic file for the 2019 Noisecontrollers single ‘Headlights.’ Complete with the vocal acapella, midi, processing settings, signature reverbs, drum grooves, FX lines, samples including the Headlights kick, and synth stacks that you can pull from and use in your own productions. Almost all the instruments are done using stock logic synths with logic FX racks that are instantly available for use by any logic user.  

 Fully editable synths with associated processing rack include: 

Chapter 1 Bonus Project File: This project file contains four synths pulled from chapter 1, all of which are done with stock Logic instruments and stock logic processing. Get direct access to three beautiful leads, and the leading pluck that serves as the foundation in the chords for ‘People Are Awesome.’ Drag and drop the midi from this project file into your own project to kickstart your inspiration. Having the midi is extremely useful when you want to analyze the musical building blocks of the track.    

Character of a Kick Project File: Bonus working project file from kick tutorial for reference.  Included is a folder of 86 modified versions of a single classic kick used in the 2005 - 2007 era of Noisecontrollers productions. Other kicks included are the Eternity Kick, Headlights Kick, Signature NC Kick, So High Kick, Q-Base Kick, Psy Kick, and Trap Kicks. These are the real kicks used in the tracks that built Noisecontrollers into a household name and shaped the genre of hardstyle into what it is today. These ready-to-use kicks are being GIVEN AWAY and will save you days or even months of fine tuning.    

The project file is for educational purposes only. All musical material is copyright of it's respective original owners. You may use the synth patches and racks for your own projects with purchase of this product.