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The Magnificence Producer Pack V.2


Coming off recent Musical Freedom release ‘Apart’ it’s clear that Magnificence’s dark twist on progressive and electro house has taken a firm hold on the industry, and is here to stay.

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Product overview

Producers, this is your new treasure chest for the immaculately designed sounds that will set your releases apart as these genres continue to evolve. After hundreds of requests… The wait is over. The debut Magnificence tutorial is here.

Any established producer will tell you, the most satisfying goal to achieve is to develop your own style. Endorsed by the legends Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto (just to name a few) Magnificence are among the rare few in dance music to have created such a distinctly unique and quality sound. This producer pack gives you the opportunity to get truly creative with world-class sounds and techniques, a key stepping stone to finding the sound that makes your music special.

“If you create music the only thing you want to do with music is to have fun right? So that should be your main focus, to have fun.” - Robin of Magnificence 

Never-ending music versatility from Magnificence. Exclusively available on


Multi keyed samples: Customers of the first sound pack from Magnificence will attest that their sounds instantly transform the character of any song. Robin of Magnificence is a truly gifted sound designer, producer, and trend setter in the world of dance music. He set out to create a pack of select multi-keyed samples, to easily drag and drop and instantly fit the key of your track. These rare samples are available in all keys (A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#).

Additional samples: Claps, snares, hats, FX, and vocals. Vocals come with four individual sets of loops provided in wet and dry format, broken down into atmosphere’s doubles, leads, full vocals, and one shots. Robin is known for his vocal processing and these are no exception, drop them into your track to add character instantly!

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
DrumHatEDM1 more...
DrumKickEDM1 more...


Robin crafted 50 Serum Presets that are becoming the new gold standard for progressive and electro in 2021. Used in releases both recent and upcoming, this is the current sound of Magnificence; a complete library of cutting edge quality. In the Magnificence Producer Pack V.2 we are exclusively providing 789ten customers with a broad array of sounds used to craft the records that set Magnificence far apart from anything else out there. 

This mega pack is the LARGEST collection of presets Magnificence has ever released, a golden collection of sounds with access previously granted exclusively for a select few collaborators. 

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BassSerumHouse1 more...
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HatSerumHouse1 more...
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Project File

Daw: Logic Pro X

Bonus Logic project file and stems: Robin used the stems from the song built for Magnificence V.1 as a starting point to demonstrate various techniques in the new tutorial modules Project file included for reference. 

Project File Preview
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Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

Endless smile, Fab Filter Pro-L 2, Fab filter Pro-MB, Fab filter Pro-Q 3, Fab Filter Simplon, Frequency S, Waves H-Delay, LFO Tool, Little Altar Boy, OTT, Waves Rbass, SerumFX, UAD Capitol, UAD Empiric, UAD Marshal, UAD Ocean Way Studios, UAD Oxford, Uad Pultec EQP-1A, Waves X Click.



Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

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