The DubVision Producer Pack v3


Everything you need, directly from the of the world's most ambitious producers.

Tutorial, sample pack, project file, bonus stem master project file, bonus ableton racks.

Product overview

\/ x 789ten

Pure talent. 

Many of the most revered producers in the industry look to DubVision as the standard for production excellence, and 789ten is proud to be the exclusive provider of DubVision producer tools. We have partnered up once more, this time for an entirely new level of producer pack. 

Never before has DubVision given away their samples, presets, project file, or FX racks. 

This time we give you everything. 

Hot off their collaboration with Alesso, the DubVision boys are shifting into high gear in 2020. Observe the latest DubVision workflow and develop an understanding as to how they create their new, darker, and more modern take on the progressive house sound. Take home the most contemporary DubVision sounds to use in your own tracks!

The producer pack is made up of 3 components and 2 additional bonuses. This is unlike anything DubVision has ever done before.


A selection of key sounds used by DubVision on their recent and upcoming releases. The first sample pack EVER to come from DubVision, these samples are set to become commonplace among industry pros. If you’re looking to kickstart your productions with sounds on par with the quality coming from DubVision, then look no further… people are buying this pack for the kicks alone.

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
kick 10.wav
KickDrumEDM3 more...
orchestra fill.wav
FillDrumEDM3 more...
Stab 3.wav
StabEDMProgressive House2 more...
sweep up flanger.wav
FXEDMProgressive House2 more...
top loop 1.wav
Top LoopDrumEDM3 more...
vox fx.wav
SynthEDMProgressive House2 more...


These are the core selection of sounds used exclusively on DubVision tracks until now. For a embellished processing make sure to check out the BONUS Ableton racks!

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DV harsh bass
BassMassiveEDM3 more...
DV organ 3 (maschine 2)
OrganMachine 2Big Room3 more...
dv pluck synth
PluckSpireEDM3 more...
DV Rave 2
LeadMassiveEDM3 more...
DV reese drop
BassReeseSpire4 more...
DV Top Layer
LeadSynthSpire4 more...

Project File

Daw: Ableton Live 10

Project file: In classic 789ten fashion, we provide you the very first DubVision project file ever to be sold anywhere on the web. Includes open editable synths to use in your own tracks.  

Bonus stem master project file: This is juicy. After the 789ten crew cleared out of the studio, the DubVision boys were so amped about the track they made that they spent all night in the studio making a final multi stem master. In this project file you see how they do all their final group processing with meticulous EQ and compression, and final mastering tweaks.

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Bonus Presets & Ableton Racks: To do something extra special to add to the never-done-before components of this pack, we’ve been treated with DubVision’s trademark Ableton racks. Fine tuned over years in the studio, these are what DubVision uses to get their sound \/ thicc.  To accommodate those who do not have Ableton, the instrument presets have been placed into a separate folder.

  • kick rack 
  • drum rack (FF Pro-Q 3, FF Pro-L 2)
  • DubVision master rack (YES you read CORRECT! Ableton glue compressor, Ableton utility, FF Pro-MB, FF Pro-Q 3, T-RackS Classic Compressor, Sausage Fattener, FF Pro-L 2)
  • dv pluck chords (Sylenth, FF Pro-Q 3)
  • dv reese drop (Spire, Valhalla Vintage, Kickstart, Ableton EQ Eight)
  • dv rave (NI Massive, Valhalla Vintage, Xfer OTT, Ableton Utility, Ableton Compressor, FF Pro-Q 3)
  • dv harsh bass (NI Massive, RC-20 Retro Color, Ableton Compressor, Ableton EQ Eight) 
  • dv drop riser (NI Massive, Valhalla Vintage, Xfer OTT, Ableton Utility) 
  • dv fx synth (NI Massive, Ableton Frequency Shifter, Ableton EQ Eight, Ableton Auto Pan)
  • dv top layer (Spire, EQ Eight, Ableton Utility, Ableton Reverb)
  • dv pluck synth (Spire, Valhalla Vintage, Waves Maserati Acoustic, FF Pro-Q 3, Ableton Echo, Ableton Auto Pan)
  • dv slow attack synth (Sylenth, FF Saturn, RC-20 Retro Color, Valhalla Vintage, Ableton EQ Eight, Ableton Compressor, Ableton Utility) 
  • dv reese (Spire, Ableton EQ Eight)
  • dv sub (Serum, Ableton Compressor, Ableton EQ Eight, FF Pro-L 2, Ableton Utility, Ableton Auto filter) 
  • dv organ (Kontakt, OTT, Ableton, EQ Eight, Ableton Compressor, Ableton Utility)
  • dv organ 2 
  • dv strings (Ableton Orchestral Strings, Xfer OTT)
  • Download free ableton live pack orchestral strings to play this instrument 
  • dv riser bell (Sylenth, OTT, Ableton Reverb, Ableton Utility) 
  • dv dreamy piano (Omnisphere, Ableton EQ Eight) 
  • db pizzicato chords (Ableton orchestral strings, Guitar Rig 5, Ableton EQ Eight)
  • Download free ableton live pack orchestral strings to play this instrument 
  • dv stab rack (Ableton Impulse, Ableton EQ Eight, Valhalla Room, OTT, Ableton Compressor, Ableton utility, Ableton Auto Filter.

Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

 Xfer OTT, Camelcrusher, Valhalla Room, Valhalla Vintage, Waves SSL Channel, Fab Filter Pro-Q 3, Cableguys Shaperbox, Fab Filter Pro-L 2, Transient Shaper, Tube-Tech CL 1B, Waves H-Delay, Soundtoys Microshift, NI Massive, NI Guitar Rig 5, RC-20 Retro Color, Fab Filter Saturn, Waves Maserati Acoustic, FF Pro-MB, T-RackS Classic Compressor, Sausage Fattener, Kickstart.

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools. 


Spire, Sylenth, Maschine 2, Xfer Serum, Nexus 2, NI Kontakt, Omnisphere.

Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

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