The Big Room Survival Pack V.1

The Big Room Survival Pack V.1

Kevu , Justin Prime , SaberZ

Retail $500 $127

PRODUCERS! IT IS TIME MORE THAN EVER BEFORE TO GET INSPIRED. When is the last time you've had this much time to make music?

These tools are designed to jumpstart your imagination and get writing. We want you to break through the creative ceiling that you may have found to be hindering you and kick your music up a notch.

LEARN: from top Rave Culture producers KEVU and Saberz, the guys who are at the top of their game RIGHT NOW.

SAMPLE: from the private sample collections of Saberz, KEVU and Justin Prime

PLAY: hand crafted, balanced and detailed Massive, Spire, Sylenth & Serum Presets from Saberz and Justin Prime, as well as playable Midi Files from Kevu and Saberz 

LOOK: Justin Prime, Saberz & Kevu Included their project files into this bundle. 5 FL Studio Projects and Justin’s Cubase Project File.