The Audiotricz Producer Pack v2



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The Audiotricz Producer Pack v2 is a hands on experience, allowing you to step inside their track SHAMED. 

The pack comes with an unusually extensive sound library of trademark Audiotricz synth patches, as well as exclusive content from SHAMED. 


SHAMED Walkthrough Tutorial: Audiotricz walks us through the Shamed project file from beginning to end, discussing everything from how the initial idea for the track came to be all the way down to dissecting each layer. Hardstyle sound design is all about the processing, and Audiotricz are all about sound design. The boys show us how they make their FX racks, which order they place their FX, and how to EQ in between to carve out the desired frequency space for each sound. 

The song started with a drum loop and a guitar riff that was added shortly after. One of the coolest things about the Shamed walkthrough tutorial is the reminder that inspiration can come from anywhere. Some of the greatest hardstyle tracks are made using elements from other genres. The audiotricz boys are always thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ways to keep their music cutting edge. 

Audiotricz let you in on their tricks for manipulating sounds, and designing their massive synth stacks so every sound sits in its own pocket. A wide range of topics are covered along the way, including but not limited to: 

- Layering pads and atmospheric sounds for texture

- Designing a bass arp to run under the lead melody as a tool for drive and momentum 

- How they make their build ups using mostly sounds from within the project 

- Creating tension with melodic harmonies 

- The importance of all the little ideas that give way to breakthroughs, even if the initial ideas don’t get used in the final track. The importance of this workflow is discussed. 

- Designing a melody to work as an affective call and response in a club or festival setting 

Three Part Synth Library: These banks are packed full of the sounds used on Shamed and their new album ‘A New Dawn.’ We are surprised at the sheer volume of sounds being given away to the producer community. Who says you can’t have quality AND quantity???

Sylenth Bank:

- ATZ Subbass: the boys go to hardstyle SUB

- ATZ Clean Chords: a 20 voice stack modulated to perfection 

- ATZ Chords High Noisy: BIG STACKED club feels with detune and reverb reminiscent of the old school electro era

- ATZ Funky Chords: you’ll never find yourself in need of that ever elusive texture to fill out your lead stack once armed with this 

- ATZ Infinite: NASTY, DARK, and just plain mean...

- ATZ High Chords: the perfect top layer for the upper portion of a hardstyle lead stack

- ATZ Mid Bass Layer: your hefty mid layer to be placed above your sub

- ATZ Ravebass: ominous and hearty

- ATZ Background Long Chords: place these underneath everything else to gain textural advantage 

- ATZ World Is Mine Top: soaring top lead from their collab with Villain ‘World Is Mine’

Serum Bank:

- ATZ Basic Saw: using a modified saw wave for smoother more analogue sound

- ATZ - F#cking Wild Screech: 32 voices of screaming glory… the name says it all

- ATZ - Screech: freshly balanced and distorted with a great envelope

- ATZ - Shamed Screech: trademark Audiotricz screech from Shamed. You’ll recognize it as soon as you hear it 

- ATZ - Shamed Screech 2: PURE FILTH 

Spire Bank:

- ATZ - Turn The Music Up Top: EARTH SHATTERING distorted saw with a horn like quality 

- ATZ - Top / Screech: essential Spire HARD Screech

- ATZ - Harmony Layer: Audiotricz harmony patch for to be placed in addition to the lead stack for background harmonies 

- ATZ - Bass: THICC

- ATZ - Airy Chords: use this preset to give your chords an anthemic quality without having to change a thing

SHAMED Logic Pro X Project File: The hardstyle buffs at 789ten have been like kids in a candy store with this one. In this consolidated Logic project file for Shamed, all the synths are fully editable with the exception of the Access Virus, which has been bounced down to audio for your convenience. This is the project file for a track at the very top of the production standard for the entire industry. Dig into this project file and learn with immediate access to Audiotricz’ processing, synth stacks, and midi. 

Sample Pack: A fine dining menu of high end hardstyle sounds, used by Aduiotricz on their track SHAMED. 

- 15 claps 

- 6 crashes 

- 10 downlifters 

- 8 impacts 

- 18 snares