The Audiotricz Producer Pack v2


Taking over Hardstyle. 

Product overview

The Audiotricz Producer Pack v2 is a hands on experience, allowing you to step inside their track 'Shamed.' The pack comes with an unusually extensive sound library of trademark Audiotricz synth patches, as well as exclusive content from Shamed. 

Coming off the release of their album ‘A New Dawn’ we got in the studio with Audiotricz to tell the story of how the single Shamed came to be. The second Audiotricz 789ten Producer Pack revolves around this fan favourite banger, full of sounds used on Shamed and on the rest of the album. 

Audiotricz are among the best of the best sound designers, in this pack you get direct access to some of their most valuable patches for instantly huge synth stacks. 


 A fine dining menu of high end hardstyle sounds, used by Audiotricz on their track Shamed. 

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.


These banks are packed full of the sounds used on Shamed and their new album ‘A New Dawn.’ We are surprised at the sheer volume of sounds being given away to the producer community. Who says you can’t have quality AND quantity???

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ATZ - Airy Chords
SynthChordSpire1 more...
ATZ - Bass
SynthBassSpire1 more...
ATZ - Clean Chords
SynthChordSylenth1 more...
ATZ - F#cking Wild Screech
ATZ - Shamed Screech
ScreechLeadFX2 more...
ATZ - World Is Mine Top
SynthLeadSylenth1 more...

Project File

Daw: Logic Pro X

The hardstyle buffs at 789ten have been like kids in a candy store with this one. In this consolidated Logic project file for Shamed, all the synths are fully editable with the exception of the Access Virus, which has been bounced down to audio for your convenience. This is the project file for a track at the very top of the production standard for the entire industry. Dig into this project file and learn with immediate access to Audiotricz’ processing, synth stacks, and midi.  

(Some samples from external packs had to be removed from the project file, these can be obtained from their providers)

Project File Preview
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Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

Izotope Nectar, Serum, Fab Filter Pro-Q, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2 Nicky Romero Kickstart,  Brainwork BX_Control V2, Puig Tec EQP1A, Izotope Ozone 5

(You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools.)


Nexus, Spire, Sylenth.

Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

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