The Adrenalize Producer Pack V.1





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 We are very proud to introduce to you the very first, one of a kind, producer pack from Adrenalize. 

Malthe Mehlskov better known as Adrenalize is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in hardstyle. Notorious for his exceptional techniques as a producer and his heart melting uplifting melodies, Adrenalize lets out his production methodology, go-to presets, samples, and an expert level project file in his very first producer pack exclusively on 789ten. 

Placing a heavy emphasis on being unpredictable and doing something new for every song, Adrenalize refuses to be confined by any formula. A true hardstyle virtuoso, there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge and sounds provided in the multiple elements of this very special producer pack. 

Tutorial: This is a detailed look at how Adrenalize tackles a new song. No filler! Both intermediate and advanced producers will be able to learn A LOT of technical skills from this tutorial. This is serious education from serious talent. Follow along with one of the most respected artists in hardstyle as he creates a song that has all the feels that we’ve grown to love in the Adrenalize sound. Learn from this expert how to bring this energy into your own productions. 

Sample Pack: Having the right sounds goes a long way in such a production oriented genre like Hardstyle, and Adrenalize is a master designer of sound. Sprinkle these samples throughout your own tracks to level up to that crisp Adrenalize quality that has caught the ears of the entire industry. 

- atmospheres

- claps (includes famous stadium clap used in almost all Adrenalize releases from the past 2 years) 

- crashes

- FX

- kicks (these are not hardstyle kicks, these are supplemental kicks for other parts of a hardstyle track such as build ups and grooves)

- loops 

- snares

- vocals 

Two Part Synth Library: These presets are not only used by Adrenalize on his own releases, but are quickly becoming an industry favourite among some of the biggest hardstyle producers in the world. Keep up with the best of the best by using these mindfully chosen presets in your own productions. 

Spire Bank 

- Adrenalize Arp: Stylish arp ideal for chords, extended one notes, and build ups.

- Adrenalize Saw Chord: COLOSSAL hardstyle saws.  

- Chord LD: Gritty Hardstyle lead with masterfully dialled delay and reverb to blend into the right pocket of your mix. 

- Lead Adrena Chord Saw: Rich and velvety lead that travels beautifully from phone speakers to the largest arena sound systems. 

- PHAT BASS: NASTY BITE. This sound is straight up inappropriate.  

Sylenth Bank 

- Adrenalize chord LD 1:  ENERGETIC lead layer, a perfect cherry on top of your lead stack. 

- Adrenalize chord LD 1: Rude, detuned, and girthy.

- Adrenalize PLUCK: This is our favorite sound from the pack. This elegantly dry pluck is a highly functional weapon of choice in the Adrenalize arsenal. It has the rare quality of easily fitting into most songs with minimal tweaking needed.

- Adrenalize Top lead: Layer a top melody or harmony in with this to create contrast and texture in any hardstyle production. 

- Chord PD Adrenalize: The most soulful sound in the pack. Envelop your breakdowns in loving warmth with this sound. 

Midi Pack: Adrenalize is quickly becoming the leading authority on Hardstyle melodies. Seemingly a wizard on the keyroll he put together five beautiful midi progressions for you to study and use to build off for your next melodies. This is a rare addition to any producer pack!

Project File: Explore the FL project file from the beautiful song that Adrenalize produced in the tutorial, with fully editable synths. This is a project file straight from the hands of the brightest rising star in hardstyle, someone who celebrated his 16th birthday performing to 13,000 people with Headhunterz at the ziggo dome. Step inside the mind of Adrenalize, follow along with the tutorial, and get access to a goldmine of sounds to pull from to create your own magical productions. 


The drop kick is not included with this pack, it can be obtained in the Bass Modulators Limitless Producer Pack, sold on