In this offering, we have put together a turn key ableton project file for you! TCHNOv1 has fully editable synth layers using Operator, Sylenth and Serum.  The sounds are designed to give a track texture, colour and depth.   The groove is built up with select loops and one shots;  the momentum of the track is  driving and deliberate.  The track is arranged to build up colours and textures only to be assertively pulled away into minimal darkness.

This project file is extremely useful to get your ideas going quickly.  There is still room left in the mix to allow you that flexibility in your creative process; it was a deliberate choice to keep the project file simple yet developed enough to have a vision designed to inspire. 

The project only uses Ableton built-in effects.  It is especially inspiring to see how simple a signal processing chain can be when the sound design and sample selection is on point.  Sweetening  the right frequencies is important when dialling in the energy of a track.  When you open up  the project, you will be able to compare before and after tests on each step of the processing phase.

Some of the sounds in the mix have been recorded and/or run through special processing and rendered as audio files;  feel free to manipulate and bend them using Ableton's incredible audio editing capabilities.