Studio Sessions with tyDi Vol. 1


Looking to push your musical creativity and get inspired? Advanced and intermediate producers, get in the studio with producer tyDi as he makes a complete and original track from the ground up. After watching this tutorial you will be able to implement tyDi’s proven writing and production methods into your tracks. Gain insight into his artistic process as he creates and composes the track, sketching ideas and making quick, instinctive musical decisions. Watch and learn as he creates unique melodies and chords, programs drum patterns, layers his sounds and chops up vocals. See how he creatively utilizes automation, manipulates audio and uses his favourite mixing techniques to sculpt the track into one that is engaging to the ear, emotionally impactful, and sonically rich with three-dimensional depth.


TyDi breaks ground in this session showing you not only his go-to tips and tricks, but many spontaneous ideas that he came up with right on the spot. Getting this in-the-moment perspective on how a truly creative mind works represents incredible value for you as a producer. Beyond the actual methods you will learn, you will get the experience of what creating an amazing piece of music is actually like for tyDi; get a feel for how he keeps his momentum and builds a track from start to finish. Hours of struggle can be avoided by watching a confident, experienced producer at work. One of our major goals we want for you to get out of this tutorial is to flow with your musical intuition and realize that one idea inspires the next as you will see. This immersive experience from tyDi cannot be found anywhere else. With so much to gain from this unique offering, you surely won’t want to miss out.

Get your copy today and learn production with tyDi!