DubVision Progressive House Techniques V.1


In this tutorial session, brothers Victor and Stephan of DubVision will guide you through the production process of this HUGE remix

Product overview

Want to see exactly how the chart-topping EDM duo DubVision [Spinnin’ | Ultra | Musical Freedom] made their remix for Dirty South’s “Unbreakable”? Good! Let's get in the studio.

They show you exactly how they get their tracks sounding proper, from the melody to the master bus. We could not believe how in-depth they went on this tutorial. Going step-by-step, they explained almost every channel and every plugin! DubVision leaves no stone unturned in this studio session of nearly 2 hours, showing you everything from sound design layering to mixing and mastering. 

They even reveal their Custom “Sidechain” Technique to maximize the headroom when mixing the bass and kick to get an insanely clean low end, and let you in on how they get a DubVision sounding mix with proper EQ, Reverb and Compression. We were blown away at how little processing was used on most individual layers in the production; at the core of their production is flawless sound design and sample selection. 

The brothers demonstrate the importance of stemming tracks out to audio and removing every piece of unwanted noise from the track. The amount of detail that they put into their music is incredible, and you can hear it in any of their releases. Use their innovative methods now to push your tracks to new levels.

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