NCBM Hardstyle Producer Pack Vol. 1


A comprehensive Hardstyle producer pack from Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators.

Product overview

The producer pack has 3 components:

  • HD Tutorial Video in 1080p
  • NCBM Sample Pack with 86 Sounds
  • NCBM Logic Pro X Template Project File

These 3 parts go hand in hand with each other; the tutorial demonstrates how to use the template project and you will see the guys manipulate the sounds to fit the vision that transpired in the session. The template you will receive is based on what they left off the session with that you can hear in the demo. The advantage of writing with a template is so that you don’t get stuck on leveling the mix or trying to find inspiring synths for hours and hours… you can do that later. You need to grab a synth that already sounds good and is well placed in the mix and just start writing and let the ideas come out. After the writing is done, go back and tweak or swap out the synths and samples until the song is crafted in line with your vision. 

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Includes 86 samples from the NCBM vault of select sounds. 11 claps, 6 crashes, 3 reverse cymbals, 15 impacts, 12 snares, 6 FX kicks, and 33 unique sounds that are INSANELY HARD… extremely bendy, nasty sounds with energy for days. 

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
Analog Riser.wav
Bass shot.wav
BM Screech Rif.wav
ScreechLeadSynth1 more...
Crash 6.wav
Destination Screech.wav
ScreechLeadSynth1 more...
Growl 2.wav

Project File

Daw: Logic Pro X

We literally COULD NOT believe that they were willing to make this a part of the pack. You’re going to be able to immediately start writing your own tracks with perfectly stacked leads and supporting synths to jumpstart your inspiration right away. You’ll have full access to the synth patches and processing of the track you hear in the trailer. Additionally, they have Fx sounds, impacts and percussion and a very enticing yet controlled vocal processing rack to instantly start using. 

The Vocal file is not included, you may get this over at or if you drop in another vocal from elsewhere, it is likely to sound very good and sit well in the mix right out of the box… just adjust to taste! 

The most shocking part, all synths and processing are using ONLY what is already built into Logic Pro X. No need to worry about mastering because guess what? They use NOTHING on the master bus; sometimes they slightly EQ the master but on this track, they used nothing and you will see this in the template file. The clipping in Logic has a very pleasing sound when you push into the red up to about 6 to 7 db as it effectively serves as a brickwall limiter. All the guys do is mix into it until everything sounds cohesive and tight. 

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