Taught By Jeff Young

Music Business Essentials

Could you be making more money off your music? Learn how to thrive in the music industry from a world class entertainment lawyer. Finish the 10-class course with the knowledge you need to solve typical problems that come up along your way as an artist.

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Practicing law for over 30 years, Jeff Young teaches you everything you need to know about making your music work for you. If you are an artist, manager, or are involved in the music industry in any way, the information in this course will be essential to your success.

Negotiating Contract Benchmarks

There is no absolute standard where you have to put up with something that you’re not comfortable with.


Jeff is interviewed by Producer/DJ SIVZ with questions from the 789ten community in Class #10. You will learn about popular topics such as remixes, bootlegs, covers, and much more.

Start Looking At Your Music As A Business

Rule #1: Never give something away for free. Rule #2: Everything can be negotiated. Leave the course with the essential knowledge to hold your own in the music industry.


Learn at your speed.

Work at a comfortable pace that is right for you.

A 10-class course to fast track your music business mastery

In this immersive 10-class you'll be unlocking a new chapter every week where you will learn the necessary skills for success in the music industry.

A 10-class course to fast track your music business mastery

Earn your certificate of completion

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Earn your certificate of completion

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