The Kick Drum Class by Justin Prime

Justin Prime

School in in session. You’ve hit the kick drum jackpot. 

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Product overview

Dutch DJ/Producer Justin Prime has made a phenomenal impact in the dance industry.

Not many people know that before the big room hits that garnered his household status, Justin Prime was producing Hardstyle. This masterclass and producer pack offers hybrid lessons and samples for producers of EDM and Big Room, as well as producers of the harder styles.  


In this specialty kick drum package, you will find Justin's phenomenal collection of kicks that he choses from when starting Big Room, Hardstyle, and Hybrid Genre tracks. Justin also included notable kicks from his famed tracks Lionheart with Rave Republic, and Thunderbolt with Sidney Sampson.

The samples can be dropped right into your project and used as is, or sculpted upon using the techniques Justin reveals in the tutorial. What happens next is up to your vision! 

EDM and Hardstyle kicks are labeled accordingly with Key & Tempo for your workflow convenience. 

  • 9 x EDM Hardstyle Crossover Kicks
  • 1 x EDM Kick
  • 3 x Lionheart Kicks
  • 1 x Thunderbolt Kick
  • 10 x Hardstyle Kicks
  • 4 x Hardstyle Fill Kicks
  • 1 x Justin Prime Signature Punch Kick
  • 2 x Claps
  • 1 x Hat
  • 1 x Ride
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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
KickEDMBig Room1 more...
KickEDMBig Room
KickEDMBig Room
KickEDMBig Room

Project File

Daw: Cubase Pro

Justin included the Cubase project file with everything that he used in the tutorial, including samples and presets.

Project File Preview
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Justin extracted the presets used In the tutorial and project file so that you can follow along on any DAW, even if you don't use Cubase.

Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

Waves L3 Ultramaximizer, Nicky Romero Kickstart, UAD Neve 1081SE, UAD EL7 Fatso Sr, UAD EL7 Fatso Jr, Waves Linear Phase EQ, Izotope Trash 2, Sick Individuals Focus One, Fab Filter Saturn.


Sonic Charge Microtonic, Nexus 2, Spire, Massive.

Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

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