500 SAMPLES - $67



50 MIDI FILES$- $27




Growing up in a musical family, HIDDN began writing his own melodies from a young age. 

With a natural ear for unconventional melodic structures, his strengths in composition and musical improvisation were quickly recognized by instructors at his Musical Academy and esteemed producers in the world of dance music. 

Fostering this talent at a young age HIDDN quickly went on to forge a career as a ghost producer. Over the years the music he has made was packaged up and sold to the highest bidder, many of which went on to become tracks released by DJ Mag top 100 acts and chart in the Beatport top 100. 

In 2017 HIDDN made the step out from behind the scenes, debuting his first publicly released tracks as HIDDN. Already garnering widespread support from industry leaders as a behind the scenes producer, it was a natural transition for HIDDN to step out of the shadows. 

These are the sounds he collected over this unique journey. Packaged up and ready to bring creativity to the next generation of producers. 

These sounds are the chapters of the HIDDN story. Exclusively available on 789ten.com.

500 Samples: 50 claps, 50 downlifters, 50 drum fills, 50 drum loops, 50 hats, 50 kicks, 50 percussion shots, 50 snares, 50 synth shots & stabs, 30 risers, 10 bass loops, 10 build up snares fills. 

200 Presets: 100 Serum presets and 100 Sylenth presets. In this unprecedented producer pack, HIDDN is letting out sounds that DJ’s would previously pay top dollar to use in their tracks. This is your go-to folder for basses and leads, spanning a diverse range of reeses, subs, dirty sounds, hoovers, growls, plucks, lazers, deep bouncing bass, talking bass, future bass, and much more.

50 Midi Files: Bass loop melodies and rhythms that would cost upwards of hundreds of dollars elsewhere, have been included in this producer pack, all royalty free. If you’re stuck on a drop, or just looking for a completely fresh starting point, this is the folder you want. 

Money Maker Stems: HIDDN included the stems for the track he produced exclusively for this pack. Made entirely of sounds that he’s handed over to you in HIDDN GEMS, loading up these stems and listening to the final project will give you an idea of exactly what’s capable with this producer pack. Cut pieces out and re-purpose them in your own productions!  Vocal stem not included. We encourage you to make your own :)