Hardstyle V.1 with FRONTLINER



Hard Fam! It’s time to get in the studio with Frontliner (Keep It Up Music | Scantraxx)! Learn from the production master himself as he begins writing a track from scratch! In this tutorial session, he gives you valuable insights along the way, sharing with you his lead synth sound design and layering method, reverb techniques to get a big, anthemic sound and his signature frequency specific sidechain. It was such a pleasure having him in the studio, this guy is all love! He is known as “the melody man” for his incredible melodies and chords. In addition to being a world class writer, he is also an incredible sound designer and engineer. As he writes the track from a blank project, you will experience the creative process and how one solid musical concept inspires the next. Beautiful, driving melodies and chords naturally unfold into a breakdown, build up, drop and intro. You will be able to see all of the plugins used and the exact settings of each. Included is the full Logic project file complete with MIDI, synth patches, processing settings, samples, as well as access to his signature kicks as ready-to-use, separately engineered audio files. There is so much to take-away from this amazing tutorial. Get your copy today!

All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.