Hardstyle Kicks with Frontliner


Watch Frontliner teach you to design a massive Hardstyle Kick.


In this studio session, watch Frontliner make a Hardstyle kick from scratch! He generously gives you the full method that he has been using and continuously refining for his entire career. You can now can get the foundation of your tracks sounding massive.  Observe and learn as he makes a kick, working and manipulating the separate layers to work together in harmony. 

Frontliner’s words: “Making a kick is the same as making a track.”

You need to take these words to heart and realize that sound design is what defines you as an artist and to ultimately tell your story with your music, you need the right sound to convey it.

Elevate your sound design and production workflow by learning from one of most technically advanced Hardstyle producers in the world. Kick making, like music making is not a linear process; it takes dedication to the art form and many people don’t even know where to start. In this demonstration, you will see Frontliner experiment heavily with EQ, distortion and layering until the kick starts to sound and feel right; just like making a track. Frontliner’s goal with this video is not only to show you how to make the kick you hear in the trailer; he is providing you with a series of techniques that will give you the opportunity to find a texture and tone that appeals to your ears and ultimately will give you your own sound.

BONUS: Not only does he make the kick from scratch, he makes a complete drop around it. You will see all melody and writing around it as well lead sound design and layering. This could have been a separate tutorial but Frontliner continues to give to his producer following and decided to include this in the tutorial.

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