Future Sounds V.2 by ReauBeau

This is a music producer's secret weapon, filling the gaps in your sample collection.

“A combination between electronic and organic.”

To say that this sample pack is a testimony to the quality, is an understatement. Truly one of the most unique packs in the world, every sound elevates the soundscape of your productions in a way never heard before. Every sound from the trailer, and many more, have been meticulously recorded, processed, and created with one idea in mind: that every single sound in this collection of 748 samples, can make a difference in your track. 

“I just went nuts with the sound design” - ReauBeau

Cinematic, thick, textural, viscous, and melancholy. This sample pack is your secret weapon to add instant emotion, interest, and grit into your music. 

STAND OUT with genre-defying quality. 

Orchestral, future synths, arps, inspiration, 808’s Reece bass, one-shots, transformers, crossfit sounds, thumps, BIG drums, claps, snaps, hats, percs, cymbals, snares, kicks, ripping tape, household items, windchimes, thumb piano, wine glasses, weird flutes, drills, toys, downlifters, glitches, impacts, atmospheres, piano chords, piano one-shots, vox, and more...

“You click on a sound and it HITS you” - ReauBeau

ReauBeau cooked up what is possibly the craziest demo track, in the existence of all sample pack demo tracks. See how he did it and pull techniques directly from this production veteran.

Bonus Midi Pack: Start your next track with an edge. 10 royalty free chord progressions unique to ReauBeau’s future bass style ready for plug and play use.