DubVision V.5 Future Rave


The future is now.

Product overview

To celebrate the milestone of the fifth DubVision Producer Pack on 789ten, the guys wanted to create something different to bring to the table. 

Inspired by the Future Rave sound that is taking over the airwaves, the goal with this standalone pack is to hand over “Everything you need for creating a future rave track.”


A brand new collection of 100+ samples from DubVision in the Future Rave style. 

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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
BassLoopEDM1 more...
BassLoopEDM1 more...
KickEDMFuture Rave
KickEDMFuture Rave
SynthLoopEDM1 more...
SynthShotEDM1 more...


The holy grail for all things Future Rave. Over 50 brand new Serum presets from DubVision’s upcoming releases in 2022. 

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LeadSerumFuture Rave
LeadSerumFuture Rave
LeadSerumFuture Rave
BassSerumFuture Rave
BassSerumFuture Rave
BassSerumFuture Rave

Project File

Daw: Ableton Live 11

What if every time you sat down to produce, you had the framework of a DubVision production right there on your computer? Download DubVision’s Future Rave project file and get the digital direction you need when searching for inspiration. You’ll be able to come back to this as many times as you need to rediscover how it’s done. 

Project File Preview
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Compatible with the tools you use most

Below are the main tools used in this pack.

Plugins / Software

Eos 2, Kickstart, ShaperBox, FF Pro-L2, FF-Pro-MB, FF Pro-Q3, Manipulator,PSP VintageWarmer2,Little AlterBoy, PhaseMistress, Tremolator, Tube-Tech CL 1B,Weuss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer, OTT, Izotope Ozone 6, Meta Flanger, SSLChannel, Valhalla Room, Valhalla Vintage, Disperser, SSLCOMP Stereo


Spire, Serum

Because of differences in plugin and software versions, we do not gurantee full compatability of any project file.

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