The Vibe Setter Pack V.1 by Badd Dimes

Badd Dimes

Learn how to take one sample pack in 4 unique directions, all of which deliver a seriously dirty vibe.

Product overview

Badd Dimes is known for bringing euphoric moments to festival dancefloors around the world through his collaborations with heavyweights like BlasterJaxx and Ibranovski as well as his solo productions. Earning the hearts of fans with his diverse catalogue of releases, his remix of hit track “Lose Control” by Meduza in collaboration with ChildsPlay represents some of his most well-received work, earning over 16 million streams.

As a true artist, Badd Dimes is constantly evolving his sound drawing from fresh influences. More recently, he has taken a new direction incorporating latin sounds, moombah vibes, and tribal elements into his work to develop a new and dirty vibe unique to the Badd Dimes name. 

In this producer pack, you’ll get into the studio with Badd Dimes where he’ll show you how to conceptualize and create tracks in Reggaeton, House, Tribal, and Moombah, quickly using the samples and presets from this pack. Providing you with the FL project files for each track, you’ll be able to follow along while he shows you how to take a tune in any direction, or revisit the files at any time you’re itching for some inspiration. 

Get ready to learn a whole new process for quickly creating work that’s guaranteed to deliver a vibe. 


Badd Dimes’ producer pack is loaded with high quality samples you can steer towards any vibe you’re feeling, be it groovy, dirty, tribal, or something on the heavier side.

You’ll get access to 126 samples straight from Badd Dimes’ personal library including:

  • Drum loops: starting a new tune is easy with a wide variety of drum loops that capture the heart, soul, and energy of Badd Dimes’ releases. Separated into 4 folders for each vibe, you’ll quickly be able to pick a solid rhythm to start with.  
  • Drum one shots: thicc kicks, thumping 808s, clean percussion hits, and a wide selection of snares, claps and cymbals you can use towards creating any type of beat. 
  • Melody loops: a mixture of hard synths, rich keys, vocal chops, guitar, and more instrumental loops ranging from 98 to 150 BPM to suit any tempo you’re going for.
  • FX: a selection of the short and long FX you need to carry through your arrangement and create special moments of impact throughout your track.
  • Bonus loops: unlock the samples pack to access the creme de la creme of Badd Dimes’ samples. 
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All samples are 100% royalty free and can be used in commercial productions.
LoopTribal HouseReggaeton1 more...
MelodicLoopTribal House2 more...
MelodicLoopTribal House2 more...
Drum LoopTribal HouseReggaeton1 more...
Drum LoopReggaetonMoombahton1 more...
Drum LoopReggaetonMoombahton1 more...


This pack includes a boutique collection of some of the most sought after sounds you hear in Badd Dimes’ productions, ready to use for your leads, bass, or plucks and inspire you to make something truly unique. 

You’ll access:

  • 6 x Serum presets including Badd Dimes signature bass sounds, drunk leads, reggaeton plucks, sharp plucks, spooky trap leads, and Arabian-inspired leads. 
  • 2 x Spire leads: clean sub + bleep bass. 
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SerumReggaetonMoombahton1 more...
SerumReggaetonMoombahton1 more...
SerumReggaetonMoombahton1 more...

Project File

Daw: FL Studio

Download each of the 4 project files: Reggaeton Vibe, House Vibe, Tribal Vibe, and Moombah Vibe to follow Badd Dimes’ steps and see exactly how he lays out his arrangement, makes his tweaks, and how he places plugins in his chains. 

With lifetime access to these files, you don’t need to worry about finding your long lost notes when you’re trying to remember a technique.

Project File Preview
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Unlock this packs bonus to access an extra royalty-free vocal stem and a Logic Pro X vocal chain you can use to treat your vocals for a radio-ready mix. 

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