Absorp Sound V.1 by Ibranovski



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Taking house music to a whole new level. 

We are incredibly pleased to roll out a producer pack from heavy hitter Ibranovski.

Working with the likes of Afrojack, Blasterjaxx, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Ibranovski is no stranger to delivering quality goods. Known for keeping a goldmine of OG house music sounds close to his chest, he has never let these out to the world... Until now. 

ABSORP SOUND V.1 marks a new beginning for 789ten, as we embark into the new school House Music territory that so many of our fans have been asking for. For those of you wanting to up your house music game and get some nasty sounds, this pack is for you.

Brand new, and all encompassing.

Tutorial: Watch IBRANOVSKI produce a house heater in his own swaggy style, using samples and presets that you will get for your own songs in this exclusive producer pack. A serious tutorial, from a brilliant producer, aimed at really getting in depth on production techniques not covered anywhere else on the web. Pounding drums, dirty house leads, driving basslines, filthy fills, and ahead of the curve house music tricks are just a few things covered here. The song IBRANOVSKI creates is reminiscent of the Chicken Soup era, but with a modern twist.

Sample Pack: This is our first time offering samples in this genre of house! Dirty and nasty sounds from the guy who specializes in making dancefloors move.

Serum Presets: 

IBRA BASS SLAPPER: A gritty G House lazer bass with extreme LFO adjustment by Ibranovski. 

IBRA GHETTO MAINSTREAM LEAD: The screeching go-to lead for Ibranovski’s drops. Perfect in any octave to instantly jack things up a notch. 

IBRA LA SCREAMER: Years of Ibranovski’s house music production experience have led to his ability to create perfectly distorted, utterly gnarly leads. 

IBRA MEH FILTH LEAD: If Garrix and Skrillex had a baby… Sprinkle ‘wub’ elements into your Ghetto House tracks with this filthy hybrid sound. 

IBRA REESE YEH: A huge bass patch that ca be used for widening up a breakdown and creating that magic moment before the build up. 

IBRA SWING BASS HOUSE: By using a reverb with a small size, and hard clipping distortion among other effects, Ibranovski perfects a haunting bass house lead of superb quality. This sound is straight up HAZARDOUS. 

IBRA UK BORN: Ibranovski doesn’t need to be born in the UK to hit the nail on the head for this style. 

IBRA VERY BOUNCY BASS: Right on the money, this is the house music bass sound everyones after in 2020.

FL Project File: FL users rejoice... this is the project file verbatim from the heater that Ibranovski produced live in the tutorial. This is an extremely helpful and rare opportunity to be handed the roadmap to a G House bagner, straight from the studio of the most sought after name in the game: IBRANOVSKI.

BONUS Masterchain: As a special add-on for the engineering buffs out there, Ibranovski included a mastering chain that he uses on a daily basis to get his tracks on that festival-ready level of fatness.

BONUS Valhalla Room Preset: Only producers will know what we mean when we say this reverb setting is EXTREME. It’s important to take risks in music, and Ibranovski is not shy to push the limits and get weird. With the depth jacked up at 99.1% this reverb preset transforms any mundane sound into something outer worldly in a way most of us would not have thought to do before.