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Marijke Wesseling
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The Bass Modulators Limitless Artist Masterclass

An artist masterclass unlike any other, from renowned duo Bass Modulators. 

Have you ever felt like you’re lacking direction in your music career? Maybe it seems like a huge mountain to climb and success feels so far away? It’s time to change the trajectory of your career today.

We reached out to 789ten members to find out more about what topics YOU are interested in learning about when it comes to activating a successful career in music. Joined by special guests, Bass Modulators created an A-Z workshop with one goal in mind; to help you become the best artist you can be. 

How many times have you been stuck with your song finished, everything ready to go, but no idea where to go next?

Over the course of 14 individual chapters, you will learn how to overcome common obstacles such as reaching labels and agencies, networking with other artists, creating a unique brand, dealing with writer's block, getting your music played, using vocals in your tracks, social media, building community, and more.

Learn From: 

  • Bass Modulators – International Producers/DJ duo 
  • Esther Veenstra – Booking Agent at Platinum Agency
  • Marijke Wesseling – Label Manager at Art Of Creation and Artist Management at Headhunterz
  • Marc Zwart – Head of Creative at Cloud 9 Music
  • Melle Bloemen - Marketing Manager for the likes of Bass Modulators & Noisecontrollers
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As the label manager at Art of Creation, Marijke has almost a decade of experience in the music industry. She began her career in 2012, when she started working for Q-dance as marketing manager. After three and a half years she took on a new position at Beatport and moved to Berlin to run the marketing department. When she returned to The Netherlands in 2018 she started working for Headhunterz as business manager, being responsible for all day to day business for the four Headhunterz (related) brands – Headhunterz, Hard with Style, Art of Creation and Project One.


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