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The Fraasie Drill Pack

Whether you're producing your own tracks or making beats for rappers and singers, it's crucial to walk into sessions able to confidently throw down a beat quickly. This is exactly what you’ll learn in the studio with Fraasie.

Using this sample pack and the techniques taught in the lessons, you'll get familiar with the exact workflows that got Fraasie a #1 Billboard hit in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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“Van wie is deze beat?” these words at the beginning of many monster hits are not unknown to many. The answer to the question is Fraasie!
Fraasie is no stranger to the Dutch music industry. Not only his beats make Fraasie very successful, his funny and social personality ensured his household status in the music scene. 

Fraasie, 28, real name Mirfan Zeqiri, grew up in Terneuzen but was born in Switzerland. Mirfan is of Albanian roots and has spent half of his childhood in various asylum seekers' centers.

He started making music with the brother of one of his classmates, Jesse van de Ketterij better known as producer D Pep. Fraasie, not knowing what to do with certain programs on his computer, started collaborating with D Pep and started with his first steps within the music industry.

Where Fraasie was influenced in music by D Pep at the age of 13, they later produced Bilal Wahib's monster hit called 'Tigers' together. Fraasie, who started rapping, was soon captivated by producing and there was a demand for this within his group of friends. “Whenever people came into the studio they would ask, 'who’s this beat from?' after a while I got tired of saying the beat was mine. I was looking for a tag line that was original and that's how I started with this line”. Since 2015, Fraasie started to use 'Van wie is deze beat?' frequently”.

He took his first professional steps as a producer when he entered the studio with Lijpe and Kosso. Through Lijpe he met Ismo with whom he was created his first big hit 'Morocash'. After 'Morocash' the ball really started to roll for Fraasie and he moved to Rotterdam and then to The Hague.

Mirfan's talent extends beyond rapping and producing music, for example, in addition to producing, he also works on YouTube formats with well-known Dutch collective Supergaande, he’s a songwriter, DJ, top liner and you can also approach him for Voice-overs and jingles.

The success he has with Supergaande also does not goes unnoticed. “I was good friends with Nesim and was already already making music with him, I knew Qucee from the PunchOutBattles and we were all in the same circle of friends. When they started Supergaande and asked me to join, I immediately said yes”.

Fraasie still has many ambitious goals to achieve in the future and the sample packs are one of his long-time dreams coming to light.
“I just want to make good music and make history for that.”


The Hague, Netherlands


Hip-Hop, Trap & Drill