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The Atmozfears and Demi Kanon Hardstyle Mega Pack

Few have walked the path to Hardstyle greatness, and we are honoured to host the sounds of innovators Atmozfears and Demi Kanon as they make their versatile production tools available to the next generation to follow in their footsteps. 

Atmozfears is known for having permeated through traditional Hardstyle boundaries. Over the course of a vast decade, he has evolved from a rising prodigy into a solidly established entity in the modern paradigm of Hardstyle 

Demi Kanon has walked an inspiring path on his own way to cementing his name among Hardstyle mainstays, which has evidently manifested itself through the spine-tingling melodies and profound storylines portrayed in his music.

Both artists are a testament to years of hard work paying off, and an inspiration to music makers worldwide. Armed with this advanced sound library, the future generation of producers are one step closer to telling their own story in the world of Hardstyle

“After years of producing and being on top of the game we decided to give something back, and give you access to our secret ingredients” 

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Samples & Presets
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Broken Organ (ADD Distortion!)
ChordSynthDirectWave1 more...
Gold Skies ARP
ArpSynthPluck2 more...
Move Ma Body SYNTH
SynthChordDirectWave1 more...
Yesterday Pluck
ArpPluckDirectWave1 more...

Atmozfears, also known as Tim van de Stadt, is a Dutch hardstyle artist pushing boundaries with his emotive and energetic sound. From what originally started as a trio in 2008, Atmozfears has grown to become a huge name in dance music with Tim at the helm, spreading his innovative interpretation of music. Tim is known for spending almost every waking hour of his day creating music or performing on stage. His level of dedication to music isn’t something you can learn or forget it’s a true passion to spread enjoyment and a sense of unity. Atmozfears is ready to rock the future and will continue working non-stop to take this scene to the next level!

Atmozfears - This is my story

DIVERSIFY. Reflected in the many fruits of the prolific work ethic that Atmozfears upholds, one finds a bold sense of diversity – swiftly alternating between euphoric compositions and unpolished textures. The melodic revelry in Release, Keep Me Awake, and Yesterday represents a universal quality that connects multitudes, whereas creations like Handz Up, Move Ma Body, and This Is Our World secure a rough edge to his archive. Atmozfears is prone to experiment, always striving to push his sound design to a higher level.

DELIVER. What emerges within a studio environment truly comes alive when it unfolds inside the moment and merges with its beholders. Through the years, Atmozfears has effected this formula at many awe-inspiring stages. This organic aspect also finds itself expressed in the anthems that he has delivered. An early example is Accelerate, which Atmozfears and Code Black produced for XXlerator and instantly became a classic in its own right. In 2015, the artist received the ordeal of creating the anthem for Qlimax, resulting in the cutting-edge Equilibrium. In 2018, Atmozfears left his sonic signature on Midnight Mafia, Australia’s leading indoor event, and had to honor to seal the last chapter of Q-BASE with The Final Mission.

ACHIEVE. Deeply immersed in his momentum, Atmozfears perpetuates the digital circuit with new music – spreading it far and wide. Last year saw the releases of Yesterday and Breathe. It took the former only three months to cross the threshold of 1 million streams on Spotify, whereas the latter recently touched similar digits. Talking big numbers, the video of Release reached 10 million views on YouTube at the tail of 2018 and has now even exceeded 12 million. Recent highlights also include Lose It All, that appeared on the acclaimed US-based Monstercat imprint, as well as Atmozfears’ highly anticipated collaboration with Hardwell on All That We Are Living For. As the seeds of future creations prepare to sprout through the surface of his mind, one can only fathom the shape that tomorrow will take for Atmozfears.


The Netherlands