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Allan Eshuijs
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Call him a syllable slicer, melody manipulater or CEO of Vocalkitchen, as a songwriter and vocal performer Allan has his roots firmly planted in Top 40 radio as well as the more harmonically, melodically and rhythmically rich style of traditional jazz. This makes Allan a very versatile songwriter and producer, being able to crossover to many different genres within the pop realm. His aim is to incorporate catchy hooks, simple sounding lyrics but stories with depth and hypotizing chord structures to make the listener "FEEL". Evoking emotion through songs and seeing the impact on the audience inspires Allan to help people find comfort through music and connect deeper to their own heart. When Allan's not in the studio, he loves to spend time digging deeper into awareness (Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle), cryptocurrency, martial arts, taking his labradoodle for a walk or playing video games with his daughter.


Hoorn, Netherlands


Vocals & Pop