Things to focus on in music production.

February, 3 2016

Myles Power

Jason from Vancouver wrote in:

“I’ve been wanting to get into production for a while now but I really don’t know what to focus on to get better at it. Right now I have Logic Pro X, and a Roland GAIA, and I’ve been wanting a Maschine for a long time but I’m waiting patiently until I get my skill up at producing. Could you let me know what they key skills are so I can gain some momentum?”

Hi Jason,

Thanks for writing in.

1) Move as quickly as possible when writing.

This will involve knowing your DAW inside and out with regards to editing, arranging and automating. You will need to have a workflow down that allows you to record in audio (from your GAIA or microphone), place samples and sequence midi easily. This comes from simply doing and not spending too much time “considering”. Usually skipping through presets and samples and picking a “decent” sound in the creative stage is best to keep it moving.

2) Move from concept to arrangement asap!

This plays off of point #1. Once you have quickly laid down a basic idea that sparks something in you emotionally, it is time to move forward to sketching a basic arrangement. Just know that “good enough” will do for now because you can go back later and switch out your sounds for better ones and make other edits to your melodies later.

3) Making music is a game of managing your psychology.

There will be many times where the whole music writing thing seems daunting and completely messes with your head. It has happened to and still happens to pretty much everyone from amateur to pro.

DO NOT get bogged down on frivolous details at the get go; it will kill your vibe and make it difficult to finish the song.

DO NOT over reference a “pro track” that has outstanding loudness, writing and sound design. You may take inspiration from the vibes and composition of other music but you will only break barriers by flowing on your own and letting out the music within.

4) Maschine

An incredible tool for creating ideas and capturing the feel from your very own hands. I own one and love it. It however, does not do the music making work for you. I recommend using another program for sequencing your song such as Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools to name a few. Get into Maschine to create an idea and move your creation into your DAW asap to get into arrangement.

The moral of the story here is: MOVE FAST and don’t look back… just write!